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Starting the weekend with sexy Yaya Han

As some readers might remember I mentioned in my last Yaya Han tribute post that I had enough material for two posts so since we have two comic related posts after my unscheduled re - post of 90s porn star Sarah Louise Young here is the second selection of pictures with the cosplay goddess.

So far I have made five posts on Yaya - two of them are pretty safe but the other three are absolutely not safe for work - and I keep mentioning her on various JLA casting posts and any other posts involving asian sexbombs like Kiana Tom, Ava Cadell, Akira Lane, Miko Lee, Gail Kim or Minka and I swear the completely NSFW BIG YAYA HAN POST is still in the pipeline.

Our celebrity birthday list starts with a callback to the 90s when techno was dominating the charts as Jasmin Wagner turns 38. Better known as Blümchen ( blossom ) she was one of the biggest techno music stars and a guilty pleasure for all males as her hardcore vibes caused many erections thanks to her 15 year old booming teenage body and skimpy outfits

As somebody who started cheerleading for the Hamburg Blue Angels with 15 years Jasmin was very aware of the effect her body could have on guys and her first song Herz an Herz only became a hit after the music video with Jasmin went into heavy rotation on the german music channel Viva and Blümchen was prominently featured in various newspapers which helped her achieve the number 4 position on the german single charts.

I was never a big fan of techno music but their marketing strategy has always been to hook you with scantily clad females and Jasmin was no exception. A lot of guys wished that Happy Hardcore would have been more than just the name for her music genre and the term Blümchen Sex ( the german equivalent to vanilla sex ) got a new meaning thanks to her.

But while Jasmin admits to be very ambitious in her acting career - she has had bit parts in tv series like Gute Zeiten Schlechte Zeiten, Notruf Hafenkante and SOKO 5113 or movies like Erdbeereis mit Liebe, Die Randgruppe and Operation Dance Sensation or blockbuster Driven with Sylvester Stallone - she has gone on public record that she would never try to get a role through the casting couch thus crushing the sex phantasies of countless movie producers. She knows that they would use her as their cheap blow up sex doll for months. As it is we have to be content with her photo shootings for PLAYBOY light stroke material like Maxim or FHM.

Besides her tv guest roles Blümchen started hosting shows like Heart Attack and the Nick Awards on Nickelodeon with 16 which also helped boost her popularity. Beginning in 1998 she hosted the Mini Playback Show, Interaktiv, Bravo TV, Blumissimo, Disney Filmparade, Teenstar, Ein Star für dich, TV Total Stock Car Crash Challenge, TV Total WOK WM, Dein Song, Golden Fritz Award, Happy Family Events as well as IFA Sommergarten.

She also was a frequent guest on game shows and talk shows where she always generated quite a stir among the male viewers thanks to her sexy outfits. Her appearance on Die Harald Schmidt Show in a shirt that was more showcasing her firm teenage boobs than hiding them is nothing short of legendary. Sadly there is only a clip in slow motion on YouTube.  

From 1995 to 2000 she had 17 singles and 5 albums in the Media Control charts and worldwide sales totaled 30 million singles and album copies.

Looking back on 5 top 10 singles, 14 additional top 20 hits, 2 gold albums, 2 Echo Awards plus a number of other trophies ( including several Bravo Otto Awards ) she became the most successful german pop artist of the 90s.

Speaking of sexbombs from the 90s who had a music career and appeared on tv and movies, go go dancer Carmen Electra celebrates her 46 birthday who is best known for her appearances as Lani McKenzie on Baywatch.

I cast her as Batgirl in my Special Baywatch Edition of the Casting the Justice League of America movie series ( which is more entertaining than watching the actual movie ) and she is frequently mentioned in my posts about nubian sex goddess Traci Banghim and Busenwunder Erika Eleniak who besides Baywatch is famous for her steamy striptease in Under Siege.

Just this month I finally managed to get the DVD of Baywatch - Hawaiian Wedding - which I haven´t gotten around to rewatch yet - but Carmen hula dancing with a coconut bra alone is worth the price of admission. 

Speaking about coconut bras, in 2016 I finally managed to do another post about Darick Robertson in which I mentioned the BREAKDOWNS storyline that introduced Power Girl´s famous coconut bra costume. And I just got to say that I still have not given up on a Yaya Han Power Girl coconut bra cosplay ( with the tiniest coconut shells you can find although compared to her huge 40D oppai all coconut shells look small no matter how big they are ) as she has already shown that she does a terrific Power Girl cosplay and she has no problem filling out the magical cleavage window.

One reason why Miko Lee kept popping up in the posts about Yaya Han is that I needed a body double for Yaya´s more explicit scenes I had in mind.

Which is not ideal since Yaya Han has a 40D bust and Miko Lee is nowhere near in that league. Thankfully it looks like hasian talk show host Jeannie Mai is auditioning for the part and while she also is a bit smaller than Yaya in the chest area she does have an impressive skill set. I am convinced.

This hot sexbomb is of vietnamese descend and even though she is " only " a 37C and not a 40D like Yaya Han I think she could be a body double for those explicit scenes. At least it would be fun to put her body to the test on the casting couch. I have finally found some episodes of Snoop Dogg presents The Joker´s Wild and hot daimn, Jeannie Mai is spectacular !

We are returning to Germany in the 90s since that is when comedian Ingo Appelt who turns 51 started his career. His cabaret programs include a lot of black humor - which I don´t mind - but is often way below the belt and very mean and nasty - which I don´t like. In any case his birthday gives me the opportunity to put more german comedy on the blog as I know that there are people out there who don´t believe that germans can be funny.

Now I  don´t know if Ingo Appelt is a comic reader - with the influx of comic book related movies everybody claims to be a comic geek since that is hip now so it is difficult to know who is really a comic fan and who is only faking it - but if he is I bet Evan Dorkin´s underground classic Milk & Cheese - Dairy Products Gone Bad would be right up his alley with it´s anarchic black humor and over the top violence. Evan Dorkin celebrates his 53rd birthday and I think I have pimped his series on the blog before.

But since I can´t find the post in question I want to encourage anybody out there who has never heard of it or at least not read it to give it a try.

This series is required reading for every comic fan worth his salt and there is a new oversized hardcover from Dark Horse that collects all the single issues even if the color in some of the pages takes away the underground feel of the strips. With his kind of humor it was only a matter of time until he got offered work for tv and together with his wife Sarah Dyer he has written episodes for Space Ghost Coast to Coast and Superman : The Animated Series including the episode that introduced Live Wire whom some of my readers may know from her appearance on CW´s Supergirl.

We make the transition from american tv shows over the pond to Louise Jameson who turns 67 and became famous as the Doctor´s companion with the least clothing. But as we already had a Doctor Who video in our last post I won´t include one in this post. By the way, while most people focus on Leela´s wardrobe and fondness of killing a lot of Whovians forget that while K9 is part of the classic trifecta with Tom Baker and Elisabeth Sladen he was introduced during Leela´s adventures in time and space.

Tom Sutton Grimjack one of his co - creators John Ostrander 69 Today also was involved in superman the animated series as well as everything involving the Suicide Squad



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Wednesday, April 18, 2018

This would work so much better on a Friday

I´m not kidding. If it was Friday I could just call it FANTASTIC FOUR FRIDAY FIGHT NIGHT but as it is I could not come up with a clever alliteration for either Wednesday or Mittwoch. So you have to bear with this title.

The reason why I´m even doing this post Today is that I am waiting until I can watch the newest episode of THE FLASH and since I already have all the stuff for this post prepared I thought I could at least post the main part. As the rest of the post can take a few days to finish. Now Today I got vol 9 of the MARVEL MASTERWORKS - FANTASTIC FOUR that I ordered from amazon´s new & used books section for half price and as it so often happens it was not in pristine condition. There was a special plastic dust jacket above the original dust jacket because somebody had cut into it and from the looks of it this was not new as advertised but rather used. The first two pages are also damaged and you can see that the book has been read a lot. Mind you, I´m not complaining. When you buy from the new & used books section it always is a game of chance and sometimes you win, sometimes you loose. Unless the book is in really bad condition or there are pages missing I don´t send them back. And while this copy had a lot of wear and tear all the pages are there and apart from the dust jacket - that I fixed with duct tape - it´s condition is good enough.

Aside from this book I ordered another vol of the MARVEL MASTERWORKS - FANTASTIC FOUR but the other one will not arrive until in two or three weeks. Now I got both at half price but I thought this one would be the one I´m not so excited about. It´s been a while since I read these stories - probably through my brothers ESSENTIAL phone books - and I didn´t remember anything about them. So I bought them mostly as collateral or to give them as a gift when I don´t have the time to buy one. Which I now can´t do because of it´s condition. Aynway, Today I read the whole thing in one sitting because I couldn´t put it down. I don´t know if I have mentioned that I am currently trying to make comics again because I have the feeling the support from the jobcenter is slowly running out. But as someone trying to get an idea for a comic this was like a masterclass on how to do it. There are so many problems you face when you are trying to put pencil to paper but here you see how Jack Kirby solves them all.

And let´s not forget Stan Lee´s writing. He often gets flack for taking credit for other people´s work or at least not giving enough credit where credit is due. But man, this guy can write. Anyway, the issues in volume 9 from MARVEL MASTERWORKS - FANTASTIC FOUR are number 82 to 93 and I was so hyped after reading them that I needed to put this fantastic art on the blog ASAP and not wait until the next anniversary of Jack Kirby´s birthday which seems to be the only time when I get to do these posts.

As always there are a few websites I want to link to and people I have to acknowledge starting with Dan Greenfield since I used five original pages from his preview of Jack Kirby´s Fantastic Four Artist´s Edition ( which I will only be able to afford if I win the lottery ) on 13TH DIMENSION in this post. That website should be familiar to frequent visitors of TALES FROM THE KRYPTONIAN as I have linked to it many times and you can always find new cool stuff there like The Top 13 Star Wars Variant Covers or The 13 Greatest Horror Comics Ever . And if you decide to check out any of his other posts you can mention in the comments that Subzero sent you.

I don´t know how big the odds are to have two guys with the word field or feld in their name in the same post but KLEEFELD ON COMICS has a few cover homages to Fantastic Four 82 and I might just do one of my popular DEJA VU post on this subject in the future. Since this post is about comic book art here are a few links for the PENCIL INK blog where you can find the obligatory cover and one page of interior art from Stan Lee and Jack Kirby´s Fantastic Four 83Fantastic Four 86 and Fantastic Four 93 as well as Chris Claremont and John Byrne´s X - Men 112X - Men 114 and X - Men 115 plus Marvel Spotlight 6 featuring Ghost Rider by Mike Ploog to whom we will return in a few moments ( Ghost Rider, not Mike Ploog ).

Now something that is only loosely connected to this post ( to Fantastic Four issue 91 to be exact ) is Doctor Glen Downey´s article Everything I Know I Learned From Comics on the SEQUART website and it is reassuring to know that I wasn´t the only boy who read those Trixie Belden books.

I think it is kind of fitting that we start Today´s short but star studded entertainment section with Chloe Bennet´s 26th birthday who is best known for her role of Skye / Daisy on Marvel´s Agents of S. H. I. E. L. D. as Nick Fury and his secret spy organization always popped up in issues of Fantastic Four. Chloe´s is undeniably grade - a future wife material as you first fall in love with her character, then you begin to realize her hotness and it´s as early as episode three of the first season where she becomes this ultimate woman where you go : " Bathe her and bring her to me. She will make a wife AND a mistress and I think I will tame this one myself. "

Now you might think this is once again my obsession with asian women at work but that´s not it since I thought she was hot long before I found out that she is half chinese. She also is very funny which makes her my kind of dream girl although I don´t know if she´s into guys who are twice her age.

Right now I have fallen behind with a lot of my favorite shows like iZombie or Sleepy Hollow and especially Marvel´s Agents of S. H. I. E. L. D. I guess I´m afraid that they will punk me like in the last season where there was this giant buzz on the internet that Ghost Rider would be in it and I was so pumped to see Ghost Rider on that show - and then we got this new Ghost Driver nonsense. Now don´t get me wrong, the special effects were pretty decent and at least better than the last movie version ( since it is probably impossible to do a version of Ghost Rider that is worse ) and the character was interesting enough but I have a hard time being scared of a guy with a flaming skull who drives a car. I mean, when it´s a demon on a motorcycle you get the impression that he is going to get you any second.

But when he´s sitting comfortably in a car the danger doesn´t seem so immediate. You almost automatically go : " Well, that is a skeleton with a flaming skull BUT he has to get out of the car first. " It´s not a motorcycle where he doesn´t have to get off to injure you since he can just drive by and grab you. As long as he is behind the wheel you can delude yourself into being able to escape. Because he´s still in the car. Even if he gets out of the car, a demon who drives a car is probably not as badass as a demon who drives a motorcycle. So even if he attacks you you can go : " Well, at least he´s not one of these scary biker demons. Those are really violent. But this one, I can reason with him. We both drive cars. Maybe if I can get him a discount on repairs. " Because the other thing is when his skull is on fire why doesn´t he burn up the driver´s seat ? With all the changes they made on this show and in the Marvel movies you just know that somebody wanted that The Fast & The Furious money so they went with the new Ghost Driver crap instead of doing the classic version that just kicks ass.

Or the 90s version by Javier Saltares and Mark Texiera. That would have been the best. So yes, I haven´t watched any episodes of the current season of Marvel´s Agents of S. H. I. E. L, D. I was looking on amazon if the first seasons are cheaper now but I guess I will have to wait until there is another special sale with bargain prices for DVDs or BlueRays.

Coming back to Chloe Bennet, at this point it is common knowledge that she has a past as a popstar and while she always cringes about it and calls it the five minutes she was a k - pop star you have to consider that most of us lowly Alpha Primitives don´t even get those five minutes of fame.

What is a bit crazy is that I have mentioned Chloe Bennet four times on the blog so far but never on her birthday. Some reader think it would be better if I skipped all the stuff about celebrities and birthdays but these are the only occassions where I am reminded of all the things I forget and see what certain people - in and out of the comic business - are up to.

Which is why I added the following clips from Jimmy Kimmel ( why can´t they just make one video with her full appearance instead of these short clips ? ). I don´t watch as many talk shows as I used to but I catch one here and there and the reason why I like them is that you always learn new things. And just when I thought she could not be more perfect we learn that besides being an actress, a talented singer who is funny and hot she also okay, I´m not going to put any double meaning here, she can play the saxophone too which may be the sexiest instrument on the planet.

Staying in the realm of geek culture we are making the transition from american super heroes to british timelords with David Tennant who turns 47. He is one of the most popular Doctors of New Who and he also was my favorite Doctor. When the series started in Germany they showed season one continuously but I think somewhere between season two and season three they changed the schedule which they do every time the ratings doesn´t meet their expectations. On the other hand some shows - mostly the ones I have no interest in - manage to stay fixed at prime time spots for years. In any way it wasn´t before I found The End Of Time on the internet that I was really hooked and then went back to find all of David Tennant´s episodes. He became my Doctor and every time the series was on hiatus I went back to watch the classic episodes. At this point I think I have seen all that are available ( and let me tell you it´s a chore to watch some of the restored ones, I pretty much prefer the animated versions ) so I have to find something else to tide me over until autumn when the next season starts. So far there has been a lot of negative vibes because the Doctor is now female but I will wait and see before making any kind of judgement. I mean, how bad can it be after what Peter Capaldi had to suffer through ? It was only in his last episodes that he really got to show his full range. Sometimes I feel the writers are very good at sending off the Doctor but don´t know what to do with him in the regular episodes.

I know that David Tennant has played other roles aside from the Doctor since he appeared in Jessica Jones - and I have written about that on the blog - but it´s the part that sticks with people. Which is why I initially wanted to post a Doctor Who video with David but I either already posted all of them or deleted all of those bookmarks. Either way I couldn´t find any but luckily I had bookmarked a video that shows all of the roles he has played. One of the reasons why I think he was such a good Doctor is that besides being a Doctor Who fan since he was a boy is his ability to go from hilariously funny to super confident and heroic or deadly serious and scary powerful at the drop of a hat. One of these days I really have to start watching the first season of Broadchurch which still waits on my desk.

One reason why I could not find a good Doctor Who video with David Tennant is that there are almost no complete episodes on YouTube. So when I found Revenge of the Cyberman I had to put it on the blog ASAP.

It´s a story with Tom Baker who is probably one of the few Doctors who is even more revered than David and the lovely Elisabeth Sladen as Sarah Jane Smith. By the way, if you haven´t seen The Sarah Jane Adventures yet check them out. Besides being targeted at kids it´s a pretty decent series and there is even a guest appearance by David Tennant. When I watched that it was like finding one of the lost Doctor Who episodes.

Since we already have Craig Ferguson and Jimmy Kimmel in this post why not complete the late night talk show host trifecta with Conan O´Brien who celebrates his 55th birthday ? He often proclaims that he was a geek in school but while I have no doubt that he was bullied because of his looks the lack of basic comic book knowledge suggests he has not read that many comics in his life. With that said I could have added another video with a sexy female from his show ( or one with somebody from the cast of Doctor Who ) but since there are so many super hero movies being made every year now I chose one where he gets transformed into a super hero himself. Or at least into what people nowadays THINK is a superhero. 

Usually I prefer videos where you see some art over ones where it is just one guy talking but I have already posted all documentaries about Jack Kirby and this one is a bit more upbeat than The Sadness of Jack Kirby.

This is also not really something new since I already posted some of the original episodes and one of the german dubbed episodes - where you get the bonus of hearing the german voice of Homer Simpson as Ben Grimm - but I haven´t posted a spanish episode yet. Once again I have to mention the Thing who in Spain is known as la mole which doesn´t have anything to do with tacos. And even though it sounds like the english word mole it has a different meaning ( otherwise he would be the Mole Man in spain ). The word means either bulk - which sounds almost like Hulk - or mass which also is very near to the spanish translation for the Hulk la Masa.

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