Wednesday, November 15, 2017

MILF Mittwoch presents : Nicole Murphy !

As usual I was looking for something completely different when Pinterest put me down for some pictures of sexy fitness enthusiast Nicole Murphy.

This always happens when I have other things to do and I am just about to shut down the laptop. I should have taken care of the mould problem on my wall but instead I spent hours getting more info on Nicole Murphy. I even almost was late at the Karlshöhe Today. Anyway, when I read that this hot nubian sex queen is already 49 I did not believe it but it´s true.

Daimn, this massita is one year younger than me ! Which means in the unlikely event that I would have sex with her I would be still doing it with a younger woman. And as for the MILF factor : heck yes, not only is Nicole Murphy a Mom, in fact she has 5 children. Yeah, that´s what I said, OMG !

How does she manage to stay in such incredible shape ? Well, according to her website it´s all thanks to her rigorous fitness exercise program while other internet sources claim it´s all plastic surgery and photoshop. Okay, I´m no expert on this subject - and like I said until Yesterday I didn´t know who Nicole Murphy was - but I think it´s a bit of both. If you look at older pictures of Nicole it´s clear there has been something done but I think plastic surgery only goes so far. From a certain point forward you have to do something to stay in shape or your body will get out of shape pretty fast. And as for photoshop, well we know that all pictures in magazines have a certain amount of electronic improvement but that has it´s limit.

And if you compare her magazine pictures with bikini pictures of Nicole that were shot by paparazzi - which means that there was nothing photoshopped - she still looks banging hot for a woman of her age !

But Nicole not only looks hot from the front, her backside is equally terrific no matter if she is wearing jeans and a t - shirt or a bikini.

Really, I don´t think there is a heterosexual man on the planet who wouldn´t tap that, especially when Nicole assumes this position.

And speaking about positions, here Nicole proves that she does work out a lot. She probably tamed a lot of well endowed studs with that flexibility. 

But Nicole not only looks stunning in bikinis ( even if she fills them out extremely well ) she also has a knack for choosing the right evening dress as we could see at the 16th Annual Official Maxim Hot 100 Party in 2016.

Now this dress was clearly designed for sexual intentions as everything draws your attention to certain areas of the female body in many subtle and some not so subtle ways. First off the entire jewelry is only there to guide your eye between the juicy breasts which are on full display thanks to a generous cleavage that hints at sex massages and oral pleasures yet to come. But the necklaces go even further down alongside the plunging cleavage that points in no uncertain way at the ultimate destination of the nocturnal erotic activities. You just have to admire a designer who puts a big f - word - ing bullseye on a hot sexbomb and gets away with it. 

Now this dress really says Come on, horny stud ! What are you waiting for ? I´m ready for action ! plus it gives you more insight at the right angle.

Okay, time for a bit more info on Nicole Murphy. As I said she is 49 and she was born as Nicole Mitchell in Sacramento, California on January the 5th 1968 which is the reason why I am not dating this post at her birthday.

I thought about it but it´s so far off that it´s out of the question. I also thought about waiting with doing this post until her 50th birthday in 2018 but with the way things are going now I decided I couldn´t wait that long.

Because you never know what can happen until then. Also I would go bat s - word crazy if I had to wait that long and as longtime readers know once an idea or a topic for a post gets stuck in my head I can´t concentrate on anything else and in the end all the following posts would suffer. No, it´s best to get it done now so I can continue with other hopefully comic book related stuff ( like the Joe Sinnott FANTASTIC FOUR post I have prepared and which I thought would go up next on the blog ) and who knows ? I might not even get to do a post on Nicole Murphy if I leave it for later.

For a very short period I even thought about just adding Nicole Murphy to another post but it was difficult enough to narrow it down to 23 pictures and I didn´t want to write another neverending post. I have had enough of them lately. So I decided to give her a post of her own even if that will not make a certain amount of readers happy. But I´ve had such a chaotic and hectic time since finishing my last post that I´m indulging myself here.

Coming back to the Nicole Murphy facts, as a five time mother with a banging body she clearly qualifies for the category of ÜberMILF and as some might have guessed from her name the father of her children is famous Eddie Murphy with whom she was married from 1993 to 2006.

Nicole is an actress, television personality, designer and businesswoman who started her career as a fashion model at the age of 13, winning her first international modelling contest and signing with the Ford Modelling Agency within a year. She has - at the moment - retired from modelling. 

The highlight of many talk shows thanks to her exotic body which is a fruit of her british and afro american descent is currently single but that will probably not last long because of her 38D ( !!! ) - 26 - 39 measurements.

My obligatory list of birthdays I have missed this year but were covered in previous years starts with a callback to my earliest posts on this blog. It´s true, I didn´t write a spotlight on Darick Robertson before 2011 but my second post - dated April the 12th 2006 - was a raving review of the sadly shortlived Nightcrawler mini series by Roberto Aguirre Sacasa which was very aptly drawn by the esteemed Mister Robertson. Sometimes it is really surprising which artists get individual posts here but as long time readers are probably accustomed to it are more often than not underappreciated artists instead of everybody´s favorites who get served first. Nevertheless it took me until last year to do another post about Darick Robertson which was a chance to me to post more Power Girl content as he had worked on Justice League Europe during the BREAKDOWNS storyline that introduced Power Girl´s famous coconut bra costume. By the way, sorry for the long Yaya Han tangent on the post but I still think she should do a coconut bra cosplay ( with the tiniest coconut shells you can find although compared to her huge 40D oppai all coconut shells probably look small no matter how big they are ) as she has already shown that she does a terrific Power Girl cosplay and has no problem filling out the magical cleavage window.

Daimn, I wish Yaya was my nurse then I would surely get better quickly. I need sexual healing from a naughty night nurse where no matter how much she knows about medicine you feel already better if you see her.

And just wait until she starts with the deepthroat erection inspection to get the daily sperm sample. If I won the lottery I would hold auditions for my nurse and I would buy them uniforms that are at least two sizes too small so their tits are hanging out all the time. Of course my dream nurse not only has the body of a Playmate of the Year and incredible stripper skills. She also is well versed in the Kamasutra, tantra sex, nuru massages and all oral sex techniques. The best candidate would be a big breasted nympho with legs up to her chin, addicted to oral sex who was fired from a sperm bank because she was always massaging the client´s hard schlongs with her giant boobs and then deepthroating them without mercy which caused them to squirt in her throat instead of the sperm container. Maybe it´s time for some asian salivation and Yaya wants to audition with her oriental oral skills. Like the saying goes : life sucks but asian girls swallow.

Not only does Yaya Han look like she could star in a Russ Meyer movie Super Sonico sounds like a name from a Russ Meyer movie, especially Supervixens where every woman had the word super in her name.

Although it would probably be something a bit more erotic like Super Spermico. Speaking of sperm, as my personal nurse and blow up sex doll Yaya would have to give me at least three daily spongebaths although instead of a sponge Yaya can use her big 40D oppai to massage my boner until I am ready for her patented extreme asian ejaculation escalation.

Of course Yaya Han would also have to wear some special outfits like the one Akira Lane is sporting below. I can just imagine Yaya Han´s king sized XXL breasts with the areolas of the nipples being totally visible in that mesh shirt and her nude butt only covered by a tiny string of dental floss while she is giving me a lapdance before a two hour erection injection.

Daim, that girl knows how to fill out that uniform and she´s just begging for some asian lubrication. I bet her fiancee was only too eager to play Doctor as the well hung patient who suffers from a severe case of hyperspermia and nymphomanic dicktamer Suckura Deepthroat has to milk his schlong dry of all excess semen. Hashtag " luckiestguyontheplanet ".

With that pink hair Yaya Han looks like a hentai character and if she ever changes her mind I´m always open for some asian penetration and I would gladly re - enact some sex scenes from my favorite hentai movies with her.

Coming back to Darick Robertson, I haven´t read much of his comics lately which is mainly due to the fact that he stayed so long on The Boys, a series I stayed away from not only because I did already get it the first time around : Garth Ennis hates super hero comics with a passion. Why he keeps coming back to that genre instead of writing something else he enjoys more I don´t know. What I DO know is that I´m not paying any more money to hear the same thing over and over. The other reason is that the whole series has a premise that doesn´t work. The team called The Boys is there to reign in, prosecute or punish those people with special powers who abuse that power and are a menace to society. To do that this team was put together of people who have some special abilities and are even more ruthless than the super powered individuals they hunt.

They also all hate super heroes and use their job to vent those aggressive impulses on those felons by doing unimaginable horrific things to them. Instead of serving justice. Which makes them what they are supposed to destroy : people with special powers who abuse said power even if it is sanctioned by the government. So how are they supposed to be heroic or better than them ? And if you argue that the whole point is that they are not better than those people they punish I have to question the whole point of the series. Because then it´s only two gangs of thugs fighting and that is not something I have much interest in. Lately Darick Robertson has not done a lot of work for Marvel or DC but with the way things are right now with the big two I doubt that I would pay money to read it if he did.

I know that he did some issues of the new Harbinger Renegade series but lately I haven´t bought a lot of Valiant books. Which I want to rectify as soon as possible but money is a bit tight right now since Christmas is coming up and it will probably be 2018 when I can get the new Archer & Armstrong series and a few other Valiant series that I got my eye on.

Coming to a more pleasant topic one of my favorite comic writers had another anniversary but I seldom get to write a special post dedicated to him. In fact it has been more than six years since my last Neil Gaiman post although he pops up more in recent post since I´ve decided to read more of his comics. The last ones I read was The Graveyard Book and Sandman - Overture which I found a bit disappointing. Well, not really disappointing because you get Neil Gaiman and J. H. Williams III at their best ( is it just me or does an entire chapter of the series look like it was drawn by the late Moebius ? ) but rather not what I expected. But I guess with projects that are so highly anticipated the story you imagine in your head is always more epic than what you get in the end. It´s still a fantastic read though.

As for Neil Gaiman´s books, there is a lot of them on my recommendation list but I don´t have the budget so I will have to wait for better times - money wise at least. Now I thought I had already posted my last Neil Gaiman related link but then I remembered this journal entry about translations. Longtime readers of this blog know that it is a pet pevee of mine but people seem to ignore most things I say about translations. So maybe they will listen to Mr. Gaiman when he makes the same points.

Today everything goes back to my earliest days of comic book blogging - and Power Girl - since our next comic book birthday is my paisano Carlos Pacheco. Not only has he done the art on some of my favorite comics of all times - of which I used a few pieces for my first, original blog header but his cover from Superman / Batman 14 was the very first picture I posted here. Also he always draws a perfect Power Girl which doesn´t hurt either.

Lately Carlos Pacheco has been working on some less high profile books like the SJW propaganda book Avengers Occupy although the Cable series by James Robinson has gotten some great reviews. I still think he doesn´t get the attention he deserves because of the quality of the projects he´s associated with and the lack of publicity from the respective publishers. I mean, there are some atrocious stories he had the bad luck of working on - like the train wreck that was Rick Remender´s Captain America ( about which we will talk in a moment ) - but in other cases the work was top notch but still went by unnoticed by all but most faithful Carlos Pacheco fans. For example a while back I finally managed to get Camelot Falling in hardcover and it´s one of the best Superman stories ever written. But it was not hyped half as much as the crap DC put out during the NEW52 and thanks to a lot of late issues and many fill - in artists his run on Superman lost its momentum and you won´t find it on any Best Of Superman lists.

What WILL appear on those lists is Absolute Power which ran in issues 14 to 18 of Superman / Batman. It´s also one of my favorite stories because aside from the beautiful art by Carlos Pacheco it involves all the things I love like time travel, alternative timelines where everybody dies, dead super heroes rising from the grave, the Legion of Super - Heroes and even Kamandi. That´s one of the reasons why the only Absolute Edition I own is Superman / Batman Vol 2. The other is the Ed McGuiness part in the back. I thought about getting the first volume when it was at a rather affordable price at amazon but I just can´t get over the Michael Turner issues. But volume two only has two bad - or let´s say weak - issues. 

Another comic book milestone as well as another personal favorite is JLA / JSA - Virtue and Vice which is not only one of the best graphic novels involving those two teams ( and it really is a graphic novel unlike a lot of other comics that are labeled as such because the material had not been released previously in single issues ) it has also one of the best depictions of Power Girl in the entire history of DC Comics. There is an interesting moment between Superman and Power Girl where you wonder if there could have been more between the two than the puritans at DC allow.

Now some people vetoed this possible relationship between the two but if you think back to Kara´s introduction in All Star Comics 58 there always was that underlying sexual tension between her and Kal - El. And it was not that long ago that Superman from Earth 1 used Lois Lane´s plans to marry him to make out with his cousin and he even open out confessed that he would have married her and made hot super love to her if the laws on Krypton had not forbidden relationships between relatives. It´s a really nice callback to the history of those two characters and one wonders why this kind of personal moments never happened in Power Girl´s own book.

Lex Luthor was still the President of the United States of America in that one and I guess when you think what happend in the last elections with Trump it´s not that far from reality. I remember that at the time Lex started campaigning for the presidency in the comics DC made a Vote Lex 2000 button which I had on my old business suit. Yep, I had to dust it off to make the new pictures for the job applications and it doesn´t fit anymore. It´s frightening how 16 years can take their toll on a body.

Coming back to President Lex, while he was pretty ruthless in the comics they never showed the ultimate abuse of power - or better - abuse of Power Girl. Come on, if you were the US president and had the entire superhero community - male and female - under your thumb, tell me you wouldn´t coerce a hot chick like Power Girl into a few midnight olympics sessions in the oval office. I mean, the only thing we did get to see in the comics was Lex liplocking with Amanda Waller ( and we´re talking the 900 pound gorilla version here not the NEW52 Halle Berry lookalike ) but you just know that Lex went through all the hot Justice League babes like Big Barda, Starfire, Zatanna, Black Canary, Vixen, Huntress or Wonder Woman.

Writing about all these issues makes me kind of sad because JSA used to be such a good book ( I think there is at least one omnibus from DC that collects big part of the series ) and Power Girl even became the leader for a time but with REBIRTH you never know what her status is and if she´s even alive. What we DO know is that even if DC will give Power Girl her own book again they won´t get an artist who´s good at drawing women.

That seems to be one of the unwritten rules of comics as well as that they need to give her a new costume every time they retcon something about her. Power Girl had the most simple costume that was really easy to draw and they kept changing it making it more complicated each time. Well, here´s my proposal for the new Power Girl costume that incorporates the basic colors blue and white and is real easy to draw. What do you say DC ? 

One last thing I want to mention is the awful Captain America run by Rick Remender which was such a big pile of crap that I can´t properly address it here. Thankfully I don´t need to since I wrote an entire post about it last year and even more since my hasian obsession got me in trouble again and I had to convert that NSFW asian sexation tangent into a separate post.

It may be the genes or just magic but like the song says - their butt makes me so horny. Man, those asian butts are just too hot to resist. I am not an authority regarding if they have the best butts in the world but just the thought of some g - string clad asian sexbomb makes you hard as a rock.

I don´t know what it is but hasians are my kryptonite. Now I don´t want to resort to sexual stereotypes about asian girls being natural prostitutes through decades of being used as sex toys by the male populace of the world but they just have the extra oomph that works better than viagra and makes you hear " Me so horny me love you long time ! " in your head.

Coming back to Carlos Pacheco, if you still haven´t read Absolute Power SCANS DAILY has art from Superman / Batman 14 , 15 , 16 , 17 and 18 so you can make up your mind about buying it. And as a last shout - out to Power Girl´s magic cleavage window SUPERGIRL COMIC BOX COMMENTARY has a team up with Power Girl and Superman from DC Comics Presents 56 as well as a plethora of other posts involving the Mammary Maid of Steel.

Continuing with the birthdays I missed I have to mention Demi Moore who celebrated her 55th anniversary last Saturday and as predicted I didn´t get around do a new version of her cult siren post. Which is not that tragic because I already did a pimped version with a lot of new high quality animated GIFs from Striptease last year. There are some I still have not posted but they are not that good that it can´t wait until next year.

Today we have no comic related birthdays so we come directly to Sean Murray who turns 40. Of course he is best known for playing special agent Timothy McGee on the hugely popular show NCIS. Here in Germany the show is currently on hiatus so I don´t know if he is still on the cast. They have slowly phased out the old guard and I guess the first one was sexy chilean - american Cote De Pablo who played the enigmatic and sexy Zhiva who strangely enough celebrated her 38th birthday just last Saturday.

Sunday also was the birthday of Anne Hathaway ( 35 ) and Valerie Leon ( 74 ). As coincidences would have it Anne Hathaway was also in my last post but I later cut most of what I had written about her. But after all the asian sexbombs I guess I can add it here. Now I mentioned in my Casting the Justice League of America movie post about Anne Hathaway how disappointed I was with her unconvincing portrayal of DC´s  Catwoman.

I had seen her in the first Princess movie and clips from Havoc and other movies where she got naked and I thought what could possibly go wrong ?

I´m not kidding, I think her Catwoman was even worse than the Halle Berry version which at least had a nice costume. From now on Halle´s Catwoman will be referred to as not the worst Catwoman in history.

Not that this movie wasn´t plagued by its own litany of problems starting with the elimination of her connection to the Batuniverse. This might have saved the producers a few bucks on short term but it didn´t really help the movie and without any doubt the whole tone was wrong. Halle Berry didn´t really play the character of Catwoman who is the ultimate DC sexbomb because she even got Batman horny. Even the animated version of Catwoman is more of a horny nympho slut in heat than Halle Berry was.

Halle Berry has one of the best butts in Hollywood without any doubt.

But the producers of the Catwoman movie fumbled the ball on this one.

There was a news report - that I consider a fake - that on the set Halle Berry´s Catwoman costume ripped various times due to the physicality of her role, doing backflips and whatnot and her boobs popped out one time.

Now why wasn´t this in the DVD extras ? I´m always highly suspicious if something like this is in the news but there is no boob footage. Because they sure as heck have footage of all the things nobody wants to see.

I think what Catwoman needed was more nude Halle, including some explicit sex scenes and she has shown that she can deliver, push the boundaries and get down to business like she did with Monster´s Ball .

And according to one of her ex - lovers this is her second nature : Halle Berry is a kinky sex freak. She used me as her boy toy. She deepthroated me for hours to give me a giant erection and then rode relentlessly on my rock hard member in a dentist´s chair with her huge breasts pounding against me until she had multiple orgasms. Sounds like my kind of woman.

In the bedroom I take control because looks are not enough to make a fella stay faithful : you must bang his brains out. You have to be a friend, be independent , be a lady and shy but you need to be a total sex freak in the bed and milk his dick - make him squirt until he´s completely dry.

Anne has started to make up for it with her appearance on the Johnathan Ross show ( longtime readers have seen the video in a previous post ) and it´s hard to stay mad at somebody who fills a cleavage so nicely for long.

Speaking about cult sirens who can easily fill out huge cleavages brings us to Valerie Leon who was equally at home in the british Carry On movies and in many Hammer movie productions where her buxom beauty gave those creepy scenes a dose of sensual class and added sexual excitement.

Now as I understand it a lot of people see the Carry On series as cheap and cheesy entertainment but you can´t deny that there are a lot of hot sexbombs on the casts and you can find the full list of all the women who appeared in the Carry On movies on LISTAL . The following video is a re - post because I had already included it in another post but decided to take it out because I did not want to have two documentaries in one posting. 

Petula Clark 85


the first video of nicole murphy I saw and completely forgot about until I made this post

nicole stunning in red

nicole in red 2

nicole in red 3

nicole in red 4

corto maltese


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